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PC gaming is one of the popular activities in the modern age of time. And Windows 10 is the favorite one when it comes to the operating system. However, some users claim that sometimes the games on Windows 10 are slow and they want to know how to make games run faster on computer. In my testing, I found that I could easily speed up the video to 1.4-1.8x without feeling I was losing information.

In some cases, I could go faster, but it depended on the speaker and the content. Moreover, if the video plays too fast, the voices take on an annoying pitch. This problem happens in all players and I think MySpeed has less sound distortion than other programs. Apart from using the toolbar buttons, you can also use keyboard shorts.

Window animations, faded menus, thumbnail previews, smooth edges and shadows do help improve visual appeal, but also take a heavy toll on pc resources. Turning these off would certainly speed up your windows 10 pc.

Here, open Advanced System Settings and click on Advanced tab. Once here, click on Settings under Performance heading to open Performance Options window. Under Visual Effects tab, uncheck any useless effects, click Apply and Ok to exit and save changes. Game Optimizer – Your games will never lag or slowdown with this module. It allocates maximum memory to any running game on your computer so you can enjoy smooth and distraction free gaming.

Hence, after a couple years you might feel that your pc performance has degraded and doesn’t feel as new. It is hard to imagine that a brand new Insaniquarium Windows 10 PC or Laptop could ever become slow and sluggish with time. But that totally happens with gradual use and thus, requires little maintenance to keep your computer running as good as new. As for how to make Windows 10 faster for gaming, you can choose to disable mouse accelerations.

  • Apps running in the background take system resources, heat up your PC and reduce its overall performance.
  • To overcome this issue, use the power saving mode when it’s running on battery and go for high performance mode when it’s connected to a power socket.
  • Your PC might be working slow because you have diminished its capability to utilize the resources by opting for the power saving mode.

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Disabling mouse acceleration could improve your personal gaming performance. Mouse acceleration enables your mouse to move not only based on detection of physical move but also on the speed. It will not allow you to prevent automatic updates across all your games. Upgrading in the background eats up PC’s memory and will slow down gaming performance. In general, the PC gaming performance can be affected by the graphics card, CPU, memory, hard disk, network, and so on.

But do not worry as it is quite easy to resolve these slowdowns and speed up your Windows 10 PC. In this article, we’ve listed down some simple tweaks on How to make Windows 10 run faster. Windows 10 is one of the slickest operating systems conjured by tech wizards at Microsoft corp. Powered with various updates it provides a smooth user interface with some extremely fancy features. But all this fanciness comes at a price as these features utilize both power and resources in plenty, eventually taking a toll on your computer.