Hoi4 Keeps Crashing On Start Up

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  • After that, re-enable the mods one by one to pick that problematic mod.
  • If you have this startup problem, check whether you have installed any incompatible software installed on your computer.
  • With this feature turned on, you give Discord the option to order your router to prioritize the packets carrying the high quality audio.
  • By nature, Discord is not the safest communication platform.
  • However now upon playing games, they frequently and consistently crash, somewhat limiting enjoyment.
  • Now try launching Minecraft and see if this fixes the issue.

All product development, malware-research & Support are right here in the United States. PC Matic Pro is a set of revolutionary technologies that is empowering customers and businesses to secure and optimize the performance of their devices. Here are a few steps that one needs to comply with in order to install a Microphone driver. After the update is complete, check your microphone again. If that’s the case, you can always remove the device, unplug or disconnect it and then reconnect it – which would reinstall it and sometimes solve the problem.

Fix 11: Flush Your Dns Cache And Reset Your Ip Settings

This error disables the user to connect to voice in Discord. Thus, the user is deprived of any voice communication he wishes to make on this platform. Due to this error, whenever a user tries to connect to a voice, discord remains stuck on stuck on rtc connecting RTC connecting and later on displays the No Route error. After changing your DNS, check if your Discord is working or not. If you are having the same connection problem with your discord app, then follow the next solution. Some of the antiviruses block the files or ports used by Discord to access and work properly due to which discord stuck on connecting screen while looking for the files or ports.

Solution 6

It may be more difficult to figure out what mod is causing a problem. The above example, like most cases, should make it fairly obvious. If you can’t figure out what the cause of the crash is, contactsupport. I had this same problem, but I didn’t know where to access the old java version. The Westeroscraft Launcher was not compatible with the most recent Java update for Mac, reverted to the version before the most recent update and the issue was resolved.

These mods are available on any mod website, such as CurseForge, among others. You will start by closing the Minecraft launcher then download the LiteLoader installer for your Minecraft version. Failure to close the Minecraft launcher before attempting installation will affect the creation of the Launcher profile. If you are planning to use LiteLoader only, you can run the installer, select a name for your profile, and click Ok to perform the installation. After that, go to the Minecraft website and download the Forge version you want to install or compatible with your system.