Polycarbonate shower for State Homes with their own hands

Rarely does anybody in the dacha construct a capital shower made from brick or cinder block. Normally its usage is limited to 3 summer months and then during the planting of their vegetable garden, as well as harvesting. For such a brief period it’s enough to build a light cabin in any sheet material. Not a poor solution is that a shower for dacha from polycarbonate having a changing room, which isn’t difficult to design and create yourself. Why it is better to choose polycarbonate for liner the shower

Polycarbonate is not the only material for cladding a dacha shower. With this instance with achievement will suit the profiled sheeting or batten. Just today we decided to stop just on this lovely and durable material.

Let’s consider the advantage of using polycarbonate for cladding the shower along with other similar materials:

  • If the benefits of polycarbonate have convinced you, let’s proceed to another phase of building a bathtub for dacha.
  • A few important tips regarding the https://shtorymax.ru/ development of the layout of a Nation shower with a changing room

Even such a simple structure, as a bathtub out of polycarbonate for dacha demands the creation of the project. It’s not necessary to construct complex drawings, and also a simple strategy can be sketched out. Here you must immediately decide for yourself what you need to build a shower. Very quickly you may create a lightweight stall and only put it to the floor. More complicated in the production of shower on the foundation with warm water heating, however such a style will survive longer. Furthermore, at a dacha shower you will be able to bathe in the cold.

So, we begin to independently create a project:

  • Structure of a dacha shower begins with determining its location. It’s important to say that the tank should be continuously full of water. Carrying it in Saved from afar is embarrassing and hard. It’s better to place the shower stall near the water intake.
  • In the event the dacha shower will bathe a lot of individuals, it should be put as near as possible to this cesspool or septic tank. Close installation dacha shower close to the cesspool will conserve on laying sewer pipes, but it is desirable to not bring the stall closer to the accumulator of impurities closer than 3 m. On hot days, bad smells from the sewage system will permeate the shower, creating an unpleasant feeling whilst bathing.
  • The water in the tank of a summer shower is warmed from the sun. The stall should be placed in the sunniest place, where there’s not any shade in the trees and tall constructions.
  • Inside the shower booth and shifting room from polycarbonate must provide light, so you may bathe at night. Only it is crucial to consider that the lights must have a high degree of protection from water. It’s optimal to put shower cabins on the rear of the house. Here are closest to the sewer, water source and not far to pull on the electric cable for light.
  • Decided on the place of the place of this summer shower, start to generate a scheme of the cabin itself out of polycarbonate. Initially it was decided that the garden shower will probably be with the changing room. In this case, the diameter of the layout tends to turn out 1,6 m, and the span – 1,6 m. If the owners are obese individuals, then the width of the shower cubicle with a locker room is far better to grow 1.2 m.
  • Inside the shower stall provide separation. Separate the dressing area threshold, in addition to tarpaulin curtain. They will not enable the water to wet shoes and clothes.
  • If desired, the dressing room can be coordinated in the anteroom. Then, near the shower enclosure individually install additional racks, to which secure sheets of polycarbonate. The size of this pre-bath is dependent upon the preferences of the owner. Occasionally cottagers build bigger pre-baths where, in addition to the dressing room, equip a recreation area. Inside there are benches and a desk.
  • The total height of this shower cottage from ground to roof is 2.2 m. Together with the tank it can attain 2.5 m, and even greater. The elevation in the shower stall will probably be reduced. Section of this distance below will take a wooden menu, and the top will probably hang on out a watering can with a faucet not less than 15 cm.

Given all these variables, on a sheet of paper sketches the plot of the shower using a polycarbonate dressing room, then proceed into its construction.