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Upgrading the source HDD to a larger HDD has become a common and affordable choice for most people. Under this circumstance, we should refer to a hard drive cloning software. Once again, how long this will take depends on how large the drive you’re trying to clone is, so the more files you have to clone, the longer it will take. Quickly restore the disk image data to the local computer or to any external drive.

But what about when you want to move your entire OS and your apps and your files to a new drive? Let’s take a look at what exactly each process involves, and why you might want to use each technique.

The one issue you can run into is missing device drivers if the hardware is different on the other computer but you can easily download device drivers. If you’re swapping out a secondary drive, or one that doesn’t contain your OS, you can technically just drag and drop the files you want to keep over to the new drive.

At this point, your new hard drive should be a clone of your existing drive and ready to install. To clone a hard drive, you will need a way to connect the second hard drive to your Mac. Our 2.5" Hard Drive Enclosure or one of our Hard Drive Upgrade Kits works great for cloning your drive over. If you are happy with your existing operating system installation and would simply like to upgrade your hard drive capacity, you can clone your existing hard drive to your new drive. It will start expanding & copying your Windows files to the new hard drive.

Your software may be faster on the next one if it only clones what is needed. Best thing to try would be to make sure you disconnect the external USB drive and all cords then plug them back in before starting a clone as it will keep the contacts clean and may be your speed problem. I like to back my files up to my external drive and my network share on another server as well as put them in my online cloud storage. So even if all of my computers exploded, the internet would have a copy of my latest image. With a clone, you can just pop the hard drive in another computer and it’ll boot right up from that last saved state as if it were the exact computer you cloned.

Cloning Vs Imaging

Carbon Copy Cloner is a great cloning tool for creating a backup or copy of your hard drive. In Automatic transfer mode, the partitions will be proportionally resized to fit your new hard drive. Select Manual mode for more options and then click Next. If you can hook both drives internally your clone will be much faster. .A complete full clone of a terabyte drive will be slow.

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Using the IDrive desktop application you can create drive / system image backup of your system drives. Replicate data to a secondary location like an external hard drive or to IDrive cloud, for effective disaster recovery. Backup the entire drive / hard disk on your computer to the cloud or to an external hard drive, including OS and all, with content and information structure intact. If so, that means the cloning process created a new 500GB partition to mimic the primary partition on the old drive. The time required to clone a hard drive depends primarily on the total capacity of the hard drive to be cloned.